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About Rochelle


Hi, I’m Rochelle. I’m a wife, mother of two, dreamer, and doer. I love diving deep into a topic, dreaming without limits, and taking action to bring those dreams to reality. I also love supporting others to do the same. My passions include all things wellness; pure products, sustainability, children’s well-being, real food, and that “unexplainable” universal magic.

I am the founder and CEO of Wild & Pure, a company making earth friendly goods for the messy, beautiful, wild and pure parts of life…and doing so with RADICAL LOVE. 

I also host a blog and website called The Non Tox Shop, focused on clean living made easy. It’s a suggestion-based shop that will help you find pure products for home, baby, beauty, and everything else. On the blog, you’ll find resources for clean living and wellness including fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and self-love.

Through my ventures, I’ve always taken a do-it-yourself approach. I’ve built, and rebuilt, countless websites for myself and others. I’ve taken business courses, read up on marketing, and tested and tried it all. Now, I’m bringing together my love of supporting others, passion for marketing, and website design skills to help you follow your dreams, and bring in the dough.